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Sili Metal was a small carpentry shop established in 1900. The company grew bigger and the responsibility of the family business was handed over to the next generation. In 1990, the family owned company became an employee owned company with 30 shareholders. The number of shareholders increased to 250 in the year 2000. Now it is a $700 million industry. Throughout all these years, it has been a financially stable and client-oriented company.

We believe that team work is essential for achieving success. We are committed to providing high quality, safe, cost effective and on schedule projects. Our safety performance is several folds more than the average of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We carry out ‘zero accident’ program and believe that accidents can be preventable if appropriate measures are taken.

Monica Seal, CEO
Monica Seal, CEO

We constantly look for innovative ways to make our work more productive and efficient. We use the latest technology wherever required. Productivity to us is not about completing projects in the shortest time possible. It is about creating plans and the proper conditions for schedules. Preplanning, involving trained workers, having the right equipment and tools, and proper supervision and instruction are core to our projects.

Our sector of services include bridges, buildings, power plants, electrical, fabrication, heavy foundation, energy services, water and waste water, industrial, etc. In all these sectors, we provide services in every stage of the project lifecycle. These include the preliminary design, pre-construction, detailed design, construction and aftercare services.

We are committed to providing superior quality, value and customer satisfaction. We are extremely professional. We manage our subcontractors very efficiently; as a result, we get jobs done on time and within budget. We continuously track our projects so that if anything goes wrong, it can be fixed immediately. We are one of the oldest and renowned company in the commercial and industrial construction sector.