Columbus Restaurant Meeting Locations for Basement Contractors

There is no shortage of restaurant options in a city like Columbus, Ohio. It’s always great to have options, but it also makes it harder to choose. No problem though, below are a few of the best dining choices in the Columbus area with descriptions. We’ve got all three meals covered.



Located near German Village and easily accessible from Downtown, Skillet serves natural, simple, and delicious food Wed-Sun from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM. It’s a great place for breakfast or brunch, and they have some good lunch options as well. They source ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, and their menu changes seasonally based on what’s available. From breakfast classics to sandwiches, the menu is always a killer. The prices are reasonable too, especially for quality food


Cap City Diner

One of the popular Cameron Mitchell restaurants, Cap City serves delicious food in a classic fine diner atmosphere, along with a bar. It’s a great place for a not-too-formal business luncheon. They’re famous for their meatloaf, and the recognition is well earned; served over bread and topped with mashed potatoes and gravy, it’s about as satisfying as it gets. They have locations in Gahanna, Grandview, and Dublin (all suburbs of Columbus). You will often find Columbus basement contractors having networking meetings here.


Looking for something a little faster and casual, but still with the class? Brassica in Short North or Bexley is a great choice, open 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM every day. They offer a simple menu of sandwiches, salads, and hummus plates, with a good selection of draft beer. The atmosphere is casual, yet neat and aesthetically pleasing. They emphasize natural, quality food.


The Whitney House

Located in Worthington, The Whitney House offers the classic evening dining experience, and in its own charming way. Their menu includes the favorite American dishes at their best (the Ohio Burger is fantastic). They serve alcohol and keep a fully stocked bar, with many locally sourced beers. Prices are reasonable, running from $11 -$30, with a kids menu as well.

Harvest Pizzeria

We all love pizza, so let’s get to it. Harvest Pizzeria offers quality pies and other American food in a relaxed casual environment. They believe in “Local Tastes Better” and source many of their ingredients from local farmers. They even list their partners online so you can see where the food is coming from. Columbus locations include Clintonville, Bexley, and Dublin, with another location in Cincinnati.

Akai Hana

Like Japanese food? There’s an abundance of Japanese restaurants in Columbus, but over the last 25 years, Akai Hana has earned its place as the go-to, and for good reason. Known for its sushi, the restaurant serves a variety of delicious soups and entrees.

The Top Steakhouse

We said “Top” restaurants, right? The Top Steakhouse is like a throwback to the 1950s. Open since 1955, The Top is a rare fine dining experience in. Included are all your classic meat options, and a great selection of American dishes, along with a full bar and excellent cocktail options. They also have nightly live piano music!

Hungry yet? Happy dining!

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7 Must Have Auto Repair Tools

When getting started with your vehicle body repair business, let’s face it… you will need some auto body tools.

You might be a hobbyist or you may be looking into auto body and paint being a new income generating venture on your own. Whatever your selection is, if you need to paint a vehicle and commence doing the projects, you may need to start building your tool chest.

Today were going to mention the 7 most frequent auto body and paint tools that you’ll probably wind up needing in the future in case you already don’t have them by now.

If you’re set on painting cars and auto body repair being a income generating venture then you’ll want an air compressor that can last many, many years into the future.

Then I recommend obtaining a 240V 60 gallon which has a 5-7 HP setup.

(See detailed post on the best size air compressor you need here).

It’s suitable for painting an automobile, or possibly a large van and can power your entire air tools with ease. It’s a workhorse that you’ll be proud you purchased. Bigger is better when it comes to compressors.

If you need something small and only intend on painting touch ups and motorcycles then this 25-35 gallon air compressor will work for you.

SIDE NOTE: You can and I have painted the full car having a smaller 30 gallon tank. You just need to maintain your eyes and ears around the pressure fluctuation and adjust accordingly while your painting I don’t recommended it, but it is now possible.

I get asked constantly …”Tony what type of spray gun should I get?” I always reply with “get what you could afford?” …If you really can afford a $1,000. SATA, then have it because it’s one of the best brands available in addition to Iwata.

It will surely show a change when laying your paint, OR it is possible to receive the new ATOM X spray gun for the fraction in the cost when compared to SATA, plus you receive the same results. And I proved it.

The ATOM will be the main spray gun that we use on the LABAP Headquarters. Shop for an ATOM spray gun here. These guns are only amazing and you now officially get MP technology meaning less overspray, less paint waste and much better direct coverage on your panels.

Just understand that you don’t have to have the BEST gun when starting out. When I first started painting, I started having a $100. Astro spray gun. I don’t even think it turned out a HVLP. But I painted for around annually or two with this same gun. Remember, as you will get better, you’ll be able to invest and acquire a greater spray gun. You’ll start noticing that your particular paint jobs start in the future out better with a spray gun that atomizes correctly. This is one from the most key elements.

You need a spray gun that properly ATOMIZES your paint into fine particles onto the panel, which will result in the glossier professional paint job. Of course, your spray gun speed and material flow also play one factor. But a good gun can be answer to superior finishes. Shop the brand new ATOM X here.

In closing, get what you can afford. If I had to recommend a fantastic starting spray gun it might be the ATOM or perhaps the Warwick 904. For $180 – $250 you’ll be able to get a great starter/professional spray gun. See a complete video and run-down on auto spray guns here.

Do you desire to obtain a German or Japanese high-end spray gun just like an Iwata or SATA for the fraction in the cost? Check out the distinct Atoms and Warwicks at ZooLaa.com (a great site for high quality spray guns and pearls and flakes).

These spray guns include the ONLY spray guns that we use for all of our projects. They spray FANTASTIC, are manufactured rich in quality materials and craftsmanship. And you understand it all for approximately 1/3 from the cost when compared to the most costly spray guns about the market whilst getting exactly the same professional features and qualities.

  1. Dual Action Sander

Now, This is not a legitimate MUST-HAVE, and often will help save a TON of time with basic sanding and the entire body filler shaping. Get one should you can afford it. They cost from $50. – $175. (see a complete post on Dual Action sanders here).

I explain to you precisely how you are able to use one of them to chop some MAJOR time off of your body work and sanding times. Don’t worry, these strategies are located within our VIP course and you also can find out about that here.

  1. Slide Hammer/ Stud Welder
    If you’re planing on repairing some sort of dents and removing panels then one of these brilliant is a necessity. You can go which has a cheaper version and obtain an elementary slide hammer which uses screws and or hook adapters to drag out dents. Or your other choice is to invest inside a electric style stud welder.

When they first arrived you’d obtain them being sold for $350. – $450. Nowadays you’ll be able to pick them up for under $190. Not bad!

If on a tight budget, tend not to count out local swap meets or maybe your local online classifieds to grab great used tools. I have had many VIP members score compressors along with a lot of auto body and paint tools from craigslist.com as well as other popular classifieds online for fractions of the items they might of paid if they had bought them new.

If you’re not sure using one of them, don’t worry because we’ve step-by-step videos in our VIP area that can walk you through the entire process and teach you the way you use the same tools with maximum results and success.

Yes, we also show you ‘insider’ sneaky how-to’s that only auto body pros fully realize about :).

Best Body Shop In Columbus Ohio Do This

If you’re ever involved in an accident in a leased car, there are several very specific things that you should do. The first step is always to call 911, even though it’s a relatively minor accident, you still must report it to the police. That’s because insurance providers need the police report to resolve disputes about who’s in the wrong and or the right

Columbus Body Shop Leased Car Accident

The second step is always to notify your insurance company. Regardless of who’s fault it really is, your insurance company can help you file your claim up against the other driver. And if the opposite driver wasn’t insured or under insured, your insurance carrier will pay for damages, as long as your policy covers may be.

If your leased vehicle can be repaired plus you’ve got the repairs done begin together with your lease as normal and return the car when the lease ends. There’s one note of caution, however. Whenever a vehicle is involved in a car accident, the trade and resale value gets reduced. Sometimes the insurer may give you or the lease company a “diminished value” payment.

If your leased vehicle is totaled, your basically left with out a car, the same as should you returned your automobile following a lease. If your car or truck was in the mileage limit if the accident happened you will nevertheless be charged for the extra miles while you normally would at the end of your lease. Might not seem fair to you however the lease company see’s it otherwise.

The the third step is to notify your lease finance company, especially if the car was declared totaled. Since they definitely may wish to determine if certainly one of their cars got destroyed and definately will have to talk for the insurance provider.

Columbus Auto body repair is really a service made to fix conditions occur on the bodies of vehicles. Damage can happen to a car as a consequence of a major accident with another car and for other reasons. If the damage is just not too severe, it might be fixed by a collision center. These centers are a form of auto repair center, nonetheless they specialize only in fixing damage for the bodies of cars and trucks.

The damages could possibly be scratches or small dents and dings. These could be caused from hail or from a collision. In some cases, the damages are very severe. When an individual brings a car for repair, a few car body repair procedures to find the problems fixed is implemented.

Step One: The first step can be an estimate. To estimate the expenses to fix damages on a vehicle, somebody need to know the best way to make this happen. This is something that needs time to work to find out, and it can be often conducted by the collision repair technician. The estimate will list every one of the types of damage on the car and also the method that will be accustomed to remedy it.

It will incorporate everything from fixing small scratches to repainting the auto after replacing large parts. It will include the expenses of the parts as well as the labor. This quote is offered towards the customer and yes it may also be given on the appropriate insurance carrier. During this 1st step, your vehicle body repair shop will handle the negotiations while using insurer. They will try to work everything out so that they can begin the repairs on the car. As soon as they receive approval from the customer and also the insurance company, the job will begin.

Step Two: Locating parts is the next step, if parts are essential. Finding the right auto parts takes time, but this can often be eliminated if your parts do not need to be replaced. Minor dents, dings and scratches may well not require changing the various components. They may be as elementary as sanding them down and applying filler into them. They can also be able to get pushed out. It will all depend about the dent, the size along with the location.

All of those situations are figured in the quote, and so the shop will already realize how they will be repairing these parts. To find the parts needed for your repairs, a store will look at junk yards first. This is often the first step when the parts needed are very large and expensive. If they cannot locate used parts, they’re going to have to order new parts coming from a parts distributor.

Step Three: The final step is in the event the actual effort is conducted. An auto body mechanic shop begins the job by replacing any parts with a new one. They will then focus on completing minor dents and scrapes or by pushing them out. They will often use a body filler within this process. This is a kind of material that is perfect for this purpose. Body filler works great for those types of major dents or scratches.

So, in case you ever get into a major accident with your leased car, first call 911, then your insurer, along with your lease company last. What happens next will largely depend around the severity in the accident, repair costs, along with your insurance policy policy. And it’s likely that you might wind up owning more money to the lease company.

After this can be done, it will should be sanded then primed. Repainting the car is mostly a final part of the process. They may ought to paint your entire car or perhaps parts of it. Auto body shops are excellent at matching paint colors and finishing cars with paint. When the customer receives the car back, it should look as good as new as well as the customer mustn’t be capable to tell that work well was over about it.